‘Giant slime-type pokemon’ will be playable in Pokemon GO – Nintendo

The Pokemon Company has revealed that its new game will include a “Giant Slime-type Pokemon” that is not a Pokemon in the game but instead will be part of the game.

The news comes as the company prepares to launch the next generation of Pokemon Go, which is due to launch in September, and will feature the game’s latest update, dubbed the Pokémon GO Plus update.

As the company explains, the new game’s gameplay will include “the world’s first monster-type game with multiple Pokemon, which will have unique abilities”.

Giant monsters in Pokemon Go have been a common sight in the series of video games since 2014, when a giant monster named Mew appeared in the first Pokemon game.

However, the game has been plagued with a number of problems, including poor performance on the gamepad and the game never fully re-launched on iOS or Android.

The next generation, which has been in development for nearly a year, is due out in the autumn.