When your dog eats a kitty

Posted February 04, 2020 07:03:04 A little bit of a mystery.

In an episode of the popular science TV show “The Skeptics Guide to the Galaxy,” the show’s creators decided to make a small but significant change to the kitty that appeared in the show.

Instead of being a tiny little white kitty, the kitties featured in the episode were green ones that are commonly found in kittylisticles.

The show, which is hosted by Bill Nye the Science Guy, and stars Skepticon’s own Alex Trebek, also included a few other changes.

For one thing, they were replaced by an orange one.

The reason?

Because kittys are notoriously difficult to breed with orange-colored kittels.

“We’ve never had a kittel that we’ve been happy with,” said Trebek in a statement to Wired.

And because orange kittles tend to be less aggressive, they are easier to get around, Trebek said.

He added that he wanted to make sure that people who watched the show could get a clear idea of what they were getting into when they were watching the episode.

You can check out the episode here.