Slim-arming botox video: ‘I am not trying to look like a monster’

If you want to slim down, then you’re not alone.

A study published online by researchers at the University of Arizona shows how some people who’ve lost muscle or fat can actually find it easier to exercise when they’re working out with slim arms.

The study’s lead author, Dr. William K. Kuk, PhD, said the results suggest that people who want to gain muscle but also want to maintain a slim look are able to maintain their weight loss without going into extreme cardio sessions.

Kuk and his colleagues found that people with thin arms and a slim profile are able, on average, to exercise without spending more than three hours a day in physical activity.

The researchers found that the average weight loss in the study occurred during about 15 minutes of exercise each week.

They also noted that exercise also helped people to maintain muscle mass and improve cardiovascular health.

The team is now conducting a follow-up study with participants in the Los Angeles area.