What do the new Chelsea jerseys look like?

There is nothing particularly special about the new shirts worn by the Blues this season.

They are, however, quite different to the shirt they wore during the 2012/13 season. 

The shirts, unveiled by Nike and Adidas on Tuesday, will be the first to feature the team’s new “B” crest, the same design which was worn on the old Chelsea kit. 

“This is a new era in the history of Chelsea Football Club,” said the club. 

And the new look is, as ever, as striking as the old. 

According to Sporting News, the Chelsea team kit will feature a horizontal line running along the chest of the shirt, with a white vertical line running horizontally along the shoulders. 

(Source: SportingNews)The horizontal line appears to be designed to symbolise the team symbol, with the white line being the crest, while the vertical line is the collar and the black line is the chest area. 

It’s not clear exactly what this signifies, but it is a clever way of tying in with the traditional Chelsea  blue and white strip.

The collar, which also appears on the new kit, features the same dark blue colour as the crest. 

There are also three vertical lines running vertically down the front of the jersey, each representing the team emblem.(Source)It looks very much like a traditional Chelsea shirt. 

In terms of style, the new design is a bit of a departure from previous years. 

Although, the team have made no secret of the fact that they are going to go all-out in their new colours. 

Chelsea have previously worn white shirts, but this is the first time they have gone all-in in the design of the shirts. 

Last season, the red, white and blue colours were used by the team in a series of matches, including the Champions League Final against Bayern Munich. 

As with the previous years, there was a slight change to the design on the shoulders, as they now have the same vertical lines as the sleeves. 

On the back, the club have added a white stripe running from the collar to the bottom of the collar. 

Again, this is a subtle change that could be used to tie in with what was worn during the team crest days. 

For fans who have not been following the team for some time, the old shirt is a good reference point.

In fact, it has inspired several designs. 

After being sold by Nike in 2013, the shirts featured a white shirt, a blue shirt, and a blue strip, which was used by Everton and Liverpool, as well as the Manchester City FC. 

However, Nike and the Chelsea logo have since been replaced by the club’s own crest.

The new shirts are available to buy from Nike in stores and online, while they will be available on Chelsea’s website on Thursday. 

Source: Sporadic Sports News