‘Slime’ Kit is the newest and best thing to hit the market. It’s got a cool design, and it’s not cheap.

A new toy for dolls and plush toys is going to be a big hit in 2017, and the makers of the original Slime kit are giving their fans an early taste.

The “Slime” Kit will be available on Amazon.ca on July 6, the company announced today.

“Slime Kits are designed to be affordable and easy to assemble,” said the company’s chief product officer, Hannah Slater.

“They are also extremely fun to play with.

With a little creativity and a little imagination, you can make your own custom slime.”

Slime kits come in two flavors, with the “Sponge” Slime Kit and the “Frosty” Slime kit.

Both have a rubber base that you can wrap around the head, a plastic toy that fits inside, and a rubber “slime” toy that sits inside.

Slimes come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials, from soft to hard.

Slime Kit colors: Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Green, Yellow, Green and OrangeSlime Starter Kit: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.

The Slime Starter Kit has two plastic toys: a rubber one, which is meant to be inserted into the base of a doll, and an “egg” version that can be inserted in the head.

The starter kit also includes a slime “couch,” which holds a set of silicone mold-making tools.

The Slime Starter comes with a plastic slime mold, a few silicone and a set, which can also be used for a “frosty slime” toy.

Slimes also come in different colors.

The purple Slime Kit is supposed to be more of a party toy, but that’s not the only difference.

Slime kits in other colors are meant for “kids who are really into Halloween,” Slater said.

“We wanted to make sure the kit was going to work for all different ages, and to really make it really fun and to make the product as simple and easy as possible for children to build and play with,” Slater added.

“It is a lot of fun to build your own slime,” Slater explained.

“The only downside is that it is not super-simple.

There is a learning curve.”

The slime kit has been a hit in recent years, and Slime Kit fans are starting to get used to it, as evidenced by the number of comments and posts on the company site, which Slater also runs.

Slater has been making slime kits since 2007, when she was working at a company called ToyPulse.

The slime kits are popular with children ages three and up, and are now selling for as much as $20,000, Slater said, or about $30,000 for a pair of Slime Kits.

The “Spoon” Slime is meant for adults and is a bit more complicated.

The slime “is a really cool, solid and really functional product,” Slater told CBC News.

Slice kits also come with a “Spool” Slime, which comes with four silicone “slimes” and a piece of foam.

The Sponge Slime is supposed for people who are “wanting to build their own slime, but want a way to have fun.”

The Sponge “has a few extra ingredients,” Slater says, “like the sponge that you insert it in and the foam that you put on the sponge to make it more slippery.”

Slimes come with instructions, too, which you can use to build, paint, shape and assemble them.

“It’s really simple,” Slater noted.

“There are a lot fewer steps than other products you might find on the market.”

Slice Kit pricing starts at $20 for a couple and goes up to $45 for a trio or more.

The company is also offering a Slime Starter with three slime and a “sponge” slime mold for $40.

Slash said the slime kits “are going to become a huge hit in the market in the next couple of years, so it’s important that you know that.”

“I think we’ve really been ahead of the curve,” she said.

“I think the market has really embraced this, and there are lots of new products that are going to come out in the coming years.”

Slidell’s company has also released its own slime kits.

The new products are called the “Splash” Slime and the Slime Starter.