Why did you choose that Ferrari?

The new F12, a four-seat sportscar built in China, is set to be the next big thing for the brand and Ferrari’s owners.

But it’s a big step up from the new XB-4 which the brand was first introduced with in 2006.

With a new turbocharged V12 engine, the new car will have a top speed of 220mph and will weigh in at around 5,000kg.

It’s the first F12 with a manual gearbox and a manual transmission.

There are no automatic sliders or sliders for the new cars, but a new manual-transmission version of the XB4 has been introduced.

Ferrari has already announced a number of upgrades to its cars in recent years.

Its new generation of the F12 is due to debut in 2020, while the XBs are expected to debut around the same time. 

F12 Sportback is a sportscar from Ferrari.

Image: Ferrari