What you need to know about Slim 112 and the new drip-like feature

The Slim 112 is one of the most important products on Crypto Coins and is the first of a slew of products to feature a drip-style feature.

The idea behind the feature is that users can take a sip of the water to get rid of the salt and sugar in their drinks.

With the Slim 112, users can also sip from their devices as well.

The Slim 112 features a sleek design that looks to be a mix of premium and affordable designs.

While the Slim is only available in two colors, both the white and black versions of the Slim are available.

The Slim comes in two sizes, the slim and the slim-2, which are also available in a range of sizes and colors.

The slim-1 comes in a black version that is slightly smaller and lighter than the slim.

The slim-22 is also available with a black and white version that looks like a combination of the slim models and the Slim-2.

Both the slim versions have an attractive black and silver design with a subtle silver trim around the edges.

The Silver trim can be seen around the sides of the phone and the sides can also be used to indicate the color of the device.

The phone comes in three different colors: black, silver and gold.

The silver trim on the slim is gold and the black trim is silver.

The gold trim around both the silver and black trim makes the phone look like a gold phone.

The new slim feature is the second new feature that has been announced with the Slim series.

The slimmer feature comes with a couple of new functions.

First of all, the new Slim has the ability to be water-resistant and dust-proof.

The previous slim models were not water-proof and the feature was only available on the Slim 110, which is the same phone.

The new Slim also has an innovative feature called the “tilt-shift” that allows users to customize the color scheme of the screen by swiping left or right from the screen.

The tilting gesture is an adjustable gesture that allows the screen to change colors.

This makes it easier to switch between the white, silver or gold colors on the screen as well as to select different colors.

When using the slimmer features, users will notice a small black circle around the screen that shows the battery level.

Users can use the tilt-shift to switch the battery status of the smartphone in either black or white.

The slider also has a button on the bottom of the slider that lets users set a time to recharge the battery.

The tilt-switch also allows users and their children to adjust the volume of the speaker and microphone.