‘Slime hetai’ plushies will be available for sale in Japanese stores as a preorder bonus

The Japanese version of the popular Slime hetae plushies is slated to be available on December 8 as a special preorder for 3,000 yen ($29) per pair.

The plushies are based on the popular Japanese series “Slime Hetai” and will be sold for a special 3,100 yen price tag on December 16.

The dolls were originally released in Japan as a toy and a t-shirt, but are now being released as a pair of plushies.

The plushies feature the character Shino Nakagawa, voiced by Tatsuya Sugimoto.

They are set to be sold at a special price of 3,200 yen on December 9 at a local mall.

The dolls will also be available at a pre-order bonus price of 1,000,000 won ($9).

The series “Sister Slime” was created by Takahashi Tomokazu and first aired in 1996.

It is a lighthearted, action-adventure series where the protagonist, Tetsuya Fujiwara, is the heir of the Fujiwaka family, a conglomerate of giant slime-producing businesses.

The series has since spawned dozens of sequels, spin-offs, and spin-off anime series, most of which are directed by other manga and anime creators.

The series is notable for its portrayal of the relationships between the main characters, the female leads, and the supporting characters.