, and the Slimes: An Insider’s Guide to Slimes

We’re all slimes, you guys.


We’re slimes.

We want to be slimes but we can’t be.

And we want to eat you.

It’s a beautiful, free and healthy way to do that.

And in our quest to be a slimes-friendly business, we’re trying to get better at it.

That’s why we’re expanding our global marketing.

We’ve been a leader in the world of slimes and we’ve learned a lot about how to get people to buy our products and how to sell them.

We think it’s important to understand how a new product or service might affect our customers, too.

We created an interactive map to help customers better understand our products.

We have some really cool new product offerings, too: we’re launching a new grocery delivery service, we have a new video streaming service, and we’re partnering with Google to create a new platform for people to get great video and audio.

We also have some exciting new projects on the way.

We believe our customers deserve better and we want them to get it, too, with our Slimes of the Future initiative.

To get started, visit or call 1-800-822-2421.

You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Our Slimes Of The Future initiative will make Amazon a slasher friendly place, and a slayer friendly company.

As we ramp up our new initiatives, we want you to join us.

What are you waiting for? Go Slimes!