What’s your favorite slime episode? (Thanks to slime rancher, who created a slime museum, and slimeslayers, who made this.)

The title of this poll is a little confusing.

We were asked about slime episodes, and there was a single question that said: “What slime episode was the most popular?”

This poll has now been updated with that answer.

If you are a Slime Season 2 fan, I hope you have a great season 2!

If you’re a Slime Museum fan, you might want to head over to the Slimeslayer subreddit for a nice, warm snack.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the subreddit.

Slime season 2 will be back with a new season on October 20th, but until then, check out these amazing slime museum creations, including this stunningly detailed and cute slime dinosaur.

If this season of slime was any indication, we can all enjoy a bit of slime again in Slime Season 3.