Slim’s San Francisco: The First 30 Minutes

Slim’s has launched a new 30-minute workout called Slim’s Arms Workout, a 30-minute workout where you get to see how the muscles of your arms are used for exercise.

The program, which was designed to help you get stronger and more mobile, is available now.

You can watch the video here:The video features five different movements.

First, there’s a full body pulldown.

It’s done in the gym, but you’ll have to use the same muscles in order to get it to work.

Next, there are the side bends, which are used to strengthen the shoulder blades and chest muscles.

They’re done in a traditional bench press, and you’ll be able to use your arms to move them.

Then, there is a seated calf raise, which is a great way to develop your triceps and other muscle groups.

Lastly, there’re the seated dumbbell rows, which require the shoulders to stay in the same position, but also a lot of flexibility.

You can get the full 30- minute workout here:Slim’s also created a separate 30- Minute Workout app, called Slim Workout Lite, which will allow you to get the 30- minutes of workout you want to watch, for just $5.