How to Slim Your Thighs

Hey skinny legs!

These are some of the basics of how to slim your legs, if you don’t have a clue how to do it right.

Let’s get started!


Get some good quality abs.

Get abs!

You know, like your legs.

You can do that with some different exercises, but if you are trying to gain muscle and bulk, you should do some type of abs.


If you don´t have a good abs, start with a body-weight exercise.

You should do one of these exercises once a week for three to five minutes, and then move onto another exercise or one of the others.

This will help build your abs.


A good, simple, and effective exercise is the dumbbell press.

Just make sure you are standing up straight, and not lying down.

Make sure your arms are straight and straight at your sides.

Just press down hard on the dumbell and do not let your arms rest on the floor.


Make your abs look like your body.

I like to think of my abs as a kind of canvas, and this is the key to making them look great.

Make a mask and put some paint on it.

You don’t want to get too much paint on your abs, so don’t get too close to them.

And remember, you don`t want to paint your abs red, either.


Do some basic leg stretches, like seated leg raises and seated leg curls.

Legs are a natural target for stretching, so make sure to do some basic stretches like this one, as well as a stretch for your calves.

Do the leg stretches slowly and then do a few sets of them.

You will feel like your abs are making a great show of your muscles.


Do one or two sets of seated calf raises.

This is one of my favorite stretches because you get a good stretch every time.

It’s a really easy stretch, and it takes no time at all to do. 7.

The next exercise that I like is a seated leg curl.

You may have heard about the “leg stretch” but it can also be done as a seated calf raise.

It works the same way as the seated calf stretch, but you have to stand up straight and keep your legs straight.

This one also feels very good, and you should only do one set of this exercise.


And finally, a good, old-fashioned calf raise that you can do in the car, with a friend, or anywhere.

You have to start in the back seat, and put your legs in a straight line from the front seat to the backseat.

Do three to four sets of this one.

You want to make sure that you are at the top of your stretch, not at the bottom.

If your knees are bent, then the calves will be bent and you will be pulling yourself back.

If they are straight, then your calves are straight.


Now for the best stretch of all.

You must have an exercise that you enjoy doing.

That exercise is a calf stretch.

Do this one three to six times a week.

And the last exercise is called a leg stretch.

You know how you can get those leg stretches with a weighted vest?

Yeah, that one too.

Do that with a calf raise and a leg extension.

And now you are ready to add a new exercise to your routine: the bent-over squat.

You are going to bend over a bench, so that your legs are slightly bent.

You stand on the bench, but your knees should be slightly bent to the bench.

Then you should take a deep breath and slowly lower yourself down.

The more you bend your knees, the better.

And that`s it!

If you are looking for more leg stretches to do, check out this post from r/fit, where people share exercises to do while sitting down.


Do a leg raise and leg extension every day, and that will build your legs like crazy.

So what are you waiting for?

Get the workout and start slimming!