How to Make Slim Tea with Slime Museum

Today I am going to share my experience with a small slime museum in Chongqing, China.

The museum is a slim tea museum, which is not very unusual in China.

I had a really good experience here and I would recommend it to everyone.

It is also the first time I visited a slim museum in China, so you have to know your way around there.

So here is how to make slime tea in a small tea museum in Beijing, China!

I bought a small glass tea cup from a local tea shop.

First you have a cup of tea, which should be white.

Then you pour the tea into a glass tea bag.

Put the tea bag in the cup of water.

Then pour the liquid into the tea cup.

This is the basic technique.

You can also use a tea towel.

Once the liquid is poured into the cup, you put the tea on a tray and cover it with some water.

This way, the liquid gets absorbed into the water.

This way, you will get a very thick, creamy and creamy-like tea.

Next, you can put a little bit of sugar in the tea.

Then cover the tea with the tea towel, put the water in the tray and pour the sugar in. 

Now the sugar is getting absorbed, so the tea becomes very thick.

And finally, you cover the teas tea with tea towels.

You will get thin, thick tea.