When Slime’s slim SANTANA bustitch allenge was on her way to a game console, she was robbed of her Nintendo game system.

The Nintendo 64 Slim was the first console to feature a built-in storage slot for game cartridges, a feature that was to become a core part of the hardware until the system’s successor, the Wii, introduced a USB-C port in 2013.

The Slim’s slot was a boon to those who wanted to transfer their games over to a newer Nintendo console, but it also made it possible for thieves to steal the console.

The theft of the Nintendo 64S, which has sold for around $100,000 on eBay, has been linked to at least three cases of theft of games.

In one case, a hacker used a USB port on the system to take control of a gaming console, and then stole the controller and a copy of the game.

The other cases were linked to online thefts of software and other items that are still being analyzed by police.

It’s unclear whether the thefts are connected.

“Slim was a great gift to my boyfriend, and he used it to take over the console and steal the games and other stuff from his Wii,” said SANTANNA BASSAN, who said she lost her console in a recent online attack.

“I think it’s unfortunate, because the Slim was a nice, simple console and he always had it in the house.”

In this July 4, 2016, file photo, a man plays with a game on the Nintendo Switch in Tokyo.

This summer, a thief used the USB-cable to steal Nintendo Switch games, including “Smash Bros.,” from the console’s home console.

(AP Photo/Hiroshi Kato, File)BASSAN said that she lost the Nintendo64 Slim after being approached by a man who wanted it for $1,000.

She said she had been working on the Switch for a few months and didn’t know it was going to go on sale until a friend had sent it to her.

Bassan said she was initially suspicious when she heard the price tag, because she hadn’t been able to find any information on the item’s sale.

Bassann said she contacted Nintendo to learn more about the situation, but the company had no comment.

She’s not alone in thinking that the thief was looking to steal from a well-established brand.

In the past year, the thief has taken other popular video game consoles, including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as a variety of video game accessories and games, according to news reports.

“They all look the same and are made by the same company, and it’s just a matter of time until somebody finds out who the crooks are,” Bassan told The Associated Press.

The thief may have been looking to sell the stolen items to someone who was also a gaming enthusiast, but Bassan and other online sleuths believe that this is unlikely.

The thief may also have been trying to make an example of Bassan for revenge, because Bassan is a prominent voice on gaming forums.

Bassans account on Twitch, a video game chat app that is popular among fans of video games, is filled with posts that are full of references to her personal exploits and her gaming skills.

In a post about Bassan’s gaming skills, a Redditor named R_K_T_T wrote, “She is an absolute badass, and she is also a very skilled gamer, and this is why people love her.

I am not joking when I say that she is the only gamer in the whole of Twitch, and when you think about it, it just makes sense.”

Bassan responded to the post in a post titled “It’s not my fault I’m a gamer, it’s the fault of people who are not.”

She wrote in a follow-up post that she has been attacked for speaking out against online abuse, but also that her own life is in danger because of online abuse.

Bassanna said that in one of her most recent posts on Twitch she shared a photo of her cat.

She was not wearing a cat mask at the time, and the photo was posted by someone who identified herself as the owner of the cat.

Bassana told the AP that the person in the photo has since been identified and has been banned from Twitch.

“People who abuse people are not to be trusted, especially when you’re the only one that does it,” Bassana said.

“This cat is the first cat that I’ve ever had, so I don’t want people to hurt him.”

The man who contacted Bassan on the gaming forums told her that he had purchased the game console from Bassanna, but that Bassana was not a customer.

“I had to ask him to stop and tell him that it’s not the first time that I was attacked for being a gamer and that he was wrong and that I’m