Samsung to release a slim version of its latest Galaxy phone – QS

Samsung has been teasing its new Galaxy line of smartphones since last year, with the first phones to hit the market only months after the launch of the Galaxy S7.

Samsung has now made the first step towards releasing a slim Galaxy phone in a few weeks, and while we don’t have exact specs yet, it looks like it’s going to be a 5.7-inch Samsung phone with a QS edge display.

Samsung’s announcement comes on the heels of rumors that the Galaxy Note 7 is heading for a slim 5.9-inch version of the Note 7.

This would likely make the Galaxy X, Samsung’s upcoming phone with the S7 edge, the first slim Samsung phone to be released.

However, this is not the first time Samsung has hinted at slim phones.

We first saw a slim phone on the company’s Galaxy Tab 7 10.1 tablet back in 2015.

And the Galaxy Tab 10.2 also came with a 5-inch QS display.