Slime farm: A Minecraft farm in the UK

A Minecraft farming simulator for kids, Slime Farm, is coming to Steam in August.

It’s the first Minecraft farm simulator on Steam and will be free to download.

It’s based on Minecraft 1.11 and is currently in Early Access.

It lets kids farm their own Minecraft blocks, build their own structures and build their farm, which is similar to the way Minecraft games work.

They can also train their own pets.

“It’s very similar to Minecraft in terms of Minecraft farming,” said Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft.

“In Minecraft, the farm is the thing that you control, but with Minecraft you can control the animals, the terrain, the sun and other things.

Slime Farm lets you control these things.”

Minecraft Minecraft 1, the latest iteration of the popular open-world game.

The simulator is part of the Minecraft: Steam Edition initiative, which aims to encourage children to learn about science and technology.

It is designed for ages 10 to 12 and is free to play, but will be priced at $30.

The Minecraft game is not the only Minecraft simulator on the market.

The Minecraft Trading Card Game and Minecraft World Adventures also have Minecraft titles on the platform.

The game also has an official Minecraft logo on its storefront.