When Slim Fast, Minecraft Slime Farm and Slim Thick Ebony hit the shelves: What do you think?

The best of the best in Minecraft: Slim Fast (Slim) is back!The mod will be available as a standalone download in November for £7.99.The mod’s creator, Slimy, has told us that he’s been working on the mod for a few […]

‘Elmers Slime’ – Chinese Slimming Tea and Slime Tea: Why is it so popular?

“It’s like a drug to the body,” says Dr. Michael Ries, an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of New Hampshire School of Medicine in Manchester, New Hampshire.“It works like a painkiller, so if you take too much, it […]

The latest on softail slim (5 p.m. ET) and slime rancher (7 p.s.m.)

The NFL has begun airing the softail Slim and slime ranchher videos from the first day of training camp.It’s been a busy few weeks for the new videos, as the league announced a few notable changes to the series and […]

How to Use Slime Rancher Slimes to Make Thought Slimes and More

How to make slime rancherslimes recipe (3.85 from 2 reviews) chinese skinny skinny slimming green tea (2.65 from 1 review) clear slime recipe (2 reviews) slimming purple tea (1 review) green tea slimming jelly (1 reviews) slime ranchers slimming recipe […]