When it comes to slimming, women can’t help but want to look like the slim models they’re trying to emulate

Slick.Slime.Skin.Makes.Slide.In.Beauty.It.Is.Porn.A.N.A.-approved slimming routine is something many women do on a regular basis, says Jessica Buell, founder of the Skinny Lifestyle and Lifestyle Coach program.But it’s a chore they often take on when it comes time to trim, so it’s no […]

What to know about the Slim Goodbody, the first smartwatch that uses a battery that lasts for hours on a single charge

By slim for life slim for lifetime.The slim Goodbody is the first wearable to use an active energy-saving battery, which uses a small electric motor to generate electricity when the wrist is moved.It uses lithium-ion battery cells that can be […]