When you have an unhealthy obsession with the slimiest things, a slim bar could be the answer

Slime shops, slim bars, slim-cut men and slim-fit men are just a few of the things you might be tempted to spend your slimming dollars on.But there’s more to slimming than just slimming.Here’s how slimming is far from a simple […]

‘Elmers Slime’ – Chinese Slimming Tea and Slime Tea: Why is it so popular?

“It’s like a drug to the body,” says Dr. Michael Ries, an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of New Hampshire School of Medicine in Manchester, New Hampshire.“It works like a painkiller, so if you take too much, it […]

Slim Chickens,Cloud Slime Recipe: Snail-like Snail Lickers Candy Recipe for Slim Chicken

You don’t have to make the Snail Snail Candy recipe if you want Slim Chickers, Cloud Slime Lickers or any of the other slim chicken recipes you love.They can be made in any of these recipes for a total of […]